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Design In Economy And Business

More than ever, the question of method and form is relevant to classic corporate communication. Consumers’ value-based ecological, social and cultural requirements decisively influence the relationship to products and services. The requirements on design and media are correspondingly more complex and diverse. In order to live up to them, any form of creative work begins with qualitative research as well as the department’s own “VisualResearch”. This research-based part of the design process provides key parameters for the communication assignment which both the aesthetic development and the decision of media-based areas then take as a logical basis. Cooperation partners from the business world accompany the process and provide real-life conditions that complement the research-based design approach.

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Design in Fashion and Textiles
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Design in Law and Politics
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Design In Economy And Business
»Bildliche Prozesse«
Student: Laura Fondacaro
7. Semester
Student: Immanuel Lindenfeld