Frankfurter Akademie für Kommunikation und Design
Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt

Study Design and gain valuable practical experience

Theoretical knowledge forms the most important basis for everything we learn. However, if there is too great a focus on theory it becomes more difficult to employ what has been learned when facing professional challenges. This is why our Design course contains a high proportion of practical experience.

We cooperate with various firms so that students not only study the theory of design, but also learn how to apply it. Our qualified professors can draw on professional experience to familiarize you with the key content of the discipline in Media Design studies and supply input for practical implementation.

Study Design in Frankfurt and improve your communication skills

To make learning as effective and pleasant an experience as possible for students at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt we favor small groups in our Design School. This enables each student to have individual supervision, which takes his or her personal strengths and goals into account.

Moreover, we attach great importance to strengthening social skills, since being able to deal well with other people is a basic prerequisite for success in communication design. Excellent social skills are particularly important when it comes to visual communication. In addition, studying Design at our Academy will help you improve your manner, presentation technique and linguistic expression.