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Students at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt are part of a creative educational experience that combines individual support with collaborative learning. This environment nurtures critical making, demanding clear conceptual thinking and a deep understanding of craftsmanship to turn ideas into beautiful work.

Founded by Carlo Ruppert in 1957 and modeled on the Bauhaus, the Academy has developed national and international roots. It is a place where artists, designers, writers, architects, economists, IT specialists, and scientists collaborate across disciplines to develop innovative design solutions. This makes the Academy unique among German universities.

The Academy’s rigorous design practice, radical critical theory, and contextual projects highlight the importance of design for science, society, and the economy. Our comprehensive teaching prepares students for rewarding careers in an evolving international job market and fosters new kinds of entrepreneurs.

Internationally renowned teachers work with students in “project classes” to solve complex tasks in areas such as Fashion, Textiles, Art and Culture, Society and Social Affairs, Law and Politics, and Economy and Business. The Academy’s diverse international networks, spanning higher education, politics, and industry, enable students to engage in international projects, access select internships, and establish dynamic job market contacts. Graduates have a wide range of career options, from classic roles in agencies and media companies to positions in cultural, art, and media institutions at various levels.

It is not only about creating beautiful designs but also about making a meaningful difference in society.

Seyyal Carnetto, Director

Our progressive teaching methods have a proven track record of over 60 years, leading graduates to executive roles where they address complex 21st-century challenges creatively and critically.

Think Boldly. Think Boldly.

Design Responsibly. Design Responsibly.

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A dynamic hub for collaboration is fostered at the Academy of Visual Arts through the Network & Partners portal.

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Our studios are the playgrounds of tomorrow's designers – they reflect interdisciplinary work and experimentation at the highest level. Modern studios for photography, film, ceramics, textiles, as well as screen and linocut printing, are available to students even during lecture-free periods.

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