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A dynamic hub for collaboration is fostered at the Academy of Visual Arts through the Network & Partners portal. This platform bridges the gap between academia and industry, creating a space where leading governmental organizations and established companies can connect with the brightest design talents of tomorrow. Exceptional students and graduates are showcased within the network, offering a wealth of creativity, technical expertise, and fresh perspectives. Collaborative projects and initiatives are facilitated, allowing partners to work hand-in-hand with the academy to develop ideas, push design boundaries, and translate innovative concepts into tangible solutions. The Network & Partners portal fosters the future of design by exploring the possibilities for collaboration and propelling organizations forward.


“We are THE NOBILIS GROUP, the leading service partner and distributor for beauty in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. As true beauty enthusiasts, we have been shaping the success of international beauty brands for more than 30 years.”

Ulf Erdmann Ziegler

Ulf Erdmann Ziegler was born in Neumünster in 1959. His novel Hamburger Hochbahn earned him #1 on the SWRBestseller List. Ziegler was awarded the Friedrich Hebbel Prize in 2008. In 2012, his novel Nichts Weißes, »a new style of realistic narrative« (German Book Prize jury), was published and was later nominated for the German Book Prize and the Wilhelm Raabe Prize. Ulf Erdmann Ziegler lives in Frankfurt/Main.

NETZ Bangladesh e.V.

NETZ Partnerschaft für Entwicklung und Gerechtigkeit e.V.: “Together for Bangladesh: We are passionate and transparent about fighting hunger, education and human rights. Partner organizations in Bangladesh, volunteers and staff work together to achieve great things for self-help and self-determination.”

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge

The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. is a humanitarian organization. On behalf of the Federal Government, it is dedicated to the task of searching for and recovering war dead abroad, burying them with dignity and caring for their graves. The Volksbund looks after relatives and advises public and private bodies on matters relating to war graves, including internationally. It is involved in the culture of remembrance and promotes encounters and education for young people at the resting places of the dead.

Ateliers Frankfurt am Main

The art center ATELIERFRANKFURT (AF) in Frankfurt’s Ostend houses 140 studios on 11.000 square meters for over 200 artists and creatives. The AF offers individually and cooperatively used spaces for creative and artistic production on a professional level and is one of the largest art centers in Germany.

The AF lives through constant change. The house is characterized by changing exhibitions, projects and events that offer an insight into artistic work processes of the local and international art scene. Visual arts, artist talks, discussions and theories are just as much a part of AF as music, dance and literature.

Forsythe Company

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is a contemporary dance ensemble of eighteen dancers based in Dresden and Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded in 2005 as The Forsythe Company by American choreographer William Forsythe following the closure of the Frankfurt Ballet, established in 1963.

Zoo Frankfurt am Main

The Frankfurt Zoo, now run by the City of Frankfurt, was opened in 1858 in Frankfurt am Main and is the second oldest zoo in Germany after the Berlin Zoological Garden. One of the highlights of the Frankfurt Zoo is the great ape house, the so-called Borgori Forest. The building is designed as a walk-in, lushly planted tropical hall with glass views into the ape enclosures.

Arolsen Archives

The Arolsen Archives are the international center on Nazi persecution with the world’s largest archive on the victims and survivors of National Socialism.

“Not only is displacement affecting many more people today, but it is no longer a short-term and temporary phenomenon.
We need a fundamentally new and more positive attitude towards all those who flee – coupled with a much more determined effort to resolve conflicts that last for years and are the cause of this immense suffering.”

Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The Academy of Visual Arts has been working with various departments of the City of Frankfurt for several years. In the “NightSign” project, the students developed an app that enables visitors to clubs and bars to form spontaneous communities (for one night) to help and support each other in the event of danger.

Deutsches Filminstitut

The Deutsches Filminstitut was founded on 13 April 1949 as the Deutsches Institut für Filmkunde (DIF). In 1952, the Deutsches Filmarchiv (“German Film Archive”; founded in Marburg in 1947 by Hanns Wilhelm Lavies as the Archiv für Filmwissenschaft) was set up as an autonomous department of the DIF, from which it separated again after a reorganisation in 1956.

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