The approach of the Academy of Visual Arts shapes responses to the evolving needs of the modern world. By fostering independent thinking, practicing diversity, and motivating a critical-ethical approach in design, we prepare students not only for current challenges but also for the unpredictable demands of the future. This paradigm shift is not merely necessary; it is crucial for nurturing the next generation of artists and designers who will shape our world.

For over 60 years, our progressive teaching methods have been successful: AVA graduates are leaders in the arts and communication fields, engaging creatively and critically with the complexities of 21st-century life.

Design Areas

Economics and Business

Clothes and Textile

Society and Social Affairs

Art and Culture

Law and Politics



English or bilingual (German / English)


On-site, online or hybrid mode


State Exam in Interdisciplinary Communication, Design or Arts; (B.A. equivalent - EQF-Level 6)


2.700 Euros (Monthly Fees of 450,00 Euros)


April and October


Printing Studios, Library, Film- and Photo-Studios including Equipment, Appealing Interior Space designed by E15

Graduation and Profession

The degree, “State Examined Communication Designer” is equivalent to a “B.A. Fine Arts,” and comparable to the diploma awarded prior to the Bologna Process and surpasses the standard Bachelor’s level in terms of the breadth of competencies acquired. This degree allows students to progress to Master´s studies should they wish.

Graduates also benefit from the broad network the Academy has in the international labor market, especially in Germany and other European countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. Already during their final year, 86% of our students are anchored in an employment situation.

Learning Objectives 1st to 4th Year

Our approach to education is based on the fundamental principle that learning happens in relation to others. Practically, the program is structured through eight semesters over four years. They are defined by two levels of study:

The Foundation Studies


The Foundation Studies are shaped by three key elements (1) Establishing the foundations of communication design skills, revealing your own design language (2) Nurturing the basis for critical (3) Reflective practice through small group working with peers and faculty.

The Main Studies


The Main Studies are a ‘laboratory’ for thinking, making and experimenting with others. It dynamically supports students in learning how to develop innovative design solutions. Being structured through project classes, it brings together specialists and connects students to work on real and complex design tasks.

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The program begins each April and October. Applications are accepted year-round, and early application is recommended. Start your online-application here:

Our Student Advisory Team is happy to assist you with any individual queries.

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