Frankfurter Akademie für Kommunikation und Design
Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt


The Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt is a place where artists, designers, writers, architects, economists, IT specialists and scientists come together and live out the institution’s claim: Networked and transdisciplinary work beyond the classic disciplines; combined with aesthetic, philosophical and technological questions to develop innovative design solutions. This makes the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt unique among German universities.

Founded by Carlo Ruppert in 1957 and modelled on the Bauhaus, since then it has developed national and international roots. In close cooperation with partners from the fields of culture and industry, the Academy stays abreast of the ever expanding significance of design for science, society and business.

Internationally renowned teachers hammer out solutions for complex tasks with all kinds of media-based orientation with students in what are known as “project classes”. They are grouped, among others, in the following competence areas: Fashion, Textiles, Art and Culture, Society and Social Affairs, Law and Politics and Economy and Business.

Graduates have a correspondingly wide range of options when starting out on their career paths. Indeed, in addition to the classic jobs in agencies, publishing houses and media companies, promising possibilities also arise in institutional management positions in the fields of culture, art and media and at the municipal, federal and EU level.

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