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Online study

Since the onset of the Corona virus crisis, the Academy of Visual Arts has been offering all lectures digitally alongside its regular attendance events. It is using an online course system that guarantees an expedient and high-quality transmission of content.  

> As of the beginning of the summer semester, lectures and study courses will take place in the digital seminar room.
> Students will be able to reach all lecturers online flexibly // Consultations will be held via FaceTime, Skype and / or Zoom.
> Teaching materials will be edited for digital learning and will be available at all times.
>Tests and exams may be taken online.
> Portfolio sessions as well as one-on-one conversations with prospective applicants are also offered digitally.
> All preparatory courses for prospective applicants will be held online; including in particular also the Study Days, Portfolio Days and Assessment Days.
>A support team will be on hand to facilitate digital access and ensure trouble-free operations.

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Online study
Grafikdesign Illustration Abstraktion Komposition
Grafikdesign Illustration Abstraktion Komposition

Grafikdesign Illustration Abstraktion Komposition