Frankfurter Akademie für Kommunikation und Design
Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt

An essential criterion to be accepted as a student at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt is the sustainable motivation for one's own creative development.

The willingness to learn the basics of creating one's own creative language during the course of study can naturally not be established in formal examinations. Even a portfolio to apply, designed according to given criteria, says only less about the distinctive individuality of the applicants`creativity. 

From the first consultation to the final application, personal contact is crucial.

Together, we explore where the individual abilities lie, discuss which intellectual and manual demands are made in the course of studies, how these abilities develop during the studies and what opportunities arise from it for students future profession.

Together with the applicant we put together the application folder from the work presented, from early childhood drawings to works recently created.

Formal requirements for students from Europe are:

a) Proof of academic qualification: Realschulabschluss / Fachhochschulreife / Abitur
b) German language skills or if you do not have sufficient German language skills: English

Formal requirements for students from outside Europe:

a) Proof of school qualification comparable to the secondary school diploma or the Abitur awarded in Germany.

The  acceptance of the degree by German authorities is not required.

Sufficient is the submission of the original certificates (in German or English translation), which prove a school development of at least 10 years and their successful completion.

b) language skills at least in English

the evidence of the acquisition of sufficient knowledge of German (according to standard B2) is to be provided by the end of the third semester (basic study).


Next possible date to begin is 01/10/2023 (WS 2023-2024).

Application portfolios can be submitted at all times until 15/09/2023 by 4.00 pm. Early application is recommended.

Applicants who have not yet finished their final-year school/college examinations may apply for the respective semester with their first half-year grades from Years 12 or 13. Applicants holding their Abitur or entrance qualification for a technical college and/or who have completed appropriate vocational training may shorten their programme or switch from another programme following assessment of their suitability.

More detailed information is provided in the following application documents:

Application documents
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Application information
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PDF - Application information

For further information please contact:

Phone +49 (0) 69 43 99 38
WhatsApp +49 (0) 176 359 539 27