Frankfurter Akademie für Kommunikation und Design
Academy of Visual Arts Frankfurt

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The Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt stands for the combination of progressive creative experimentation with critical analysis, enlightenment and social change. Studying is seen as an open space committed to these goals, which promotes individual personalities trained to do much more than merely function. Students at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt learn professional skills and basic abilities that enable them to design this world in a way that is solution-oriented, responsible and innovative.
The selection and teaching of study content is determined by a “dynamic” principle: Both the semester groups but also the modules from the topical subsections are composed to suit students’ individual strengths, orientation and abilities. This approach not only considers individual rates of learning but equally supervision in one-on-one sessions and tutorials. All course material is taught to small groups.

Thematic subsection (excerpt)
> Core Project (Conception/Design/Production)
> Specialist Classes (e.g., Typography/Editorial Design/Corporate Design/Information Design)
> Design Courses (e.g., Drawing/Painting/Photography/Film/Screen Design)
> Workshop Courses (e.g., Printing Workshop/Ceramics Workshop/Textiles Workshop)
> Seminars (e.g., Software/Presentation/Research)

Theoretical subsection (excerpt)
> Philosophy/Sociology/Psychology/History of Art
> Design Systems/Theory of Design/History of Design
> Methodology/Formative Design/Conception and Strategy
> Aesthetic Theory
> Management/Entrepreneurship

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Course contents